Here's a bigger dilemma facing the Raptors.

Given that:

1) Colangelo's contract will be up next season (assuming his option is picked up)
2) unless this team falls apart next season, they are unlikely to tank and rebuild

what does the team do with BC if the team makes the playoffs?

Do they resign BC despite the past 7 season and reward him for getting to playoffs and allow him to run the team for an extended period of time (3-5 years) to keep his team going. Or do they let him go and bringing in a new GM who would likely look to make significant changes, despite finally making the playoffs after all the years of 'building'?

[I know I'm making a few assumptions here (BC gets his option picked up) but I think thats almost a given considering the big moves that were allowed this season, and that the Raps aren't contenders next season, which would arguably make it rather easy to resing BC. Also missing the playoffs next season I would think makes it a given that Colangelo won't be extended. ]

That, I think is the huge dilemma facing this organization. Would one year of 'success' be enough to justify an extension after years of failure? vs finally finding that 'success' and reaching a goal, and then replacing the guy who did it?