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Okay, let's go step by step.

"-If Demar was not signed to an extn., naturally a few teams would have been interested in him. For the sake of argument, let's say Detroit(money to spend) would have been the forerunner. Detroit offers FA Demar 4yr 40mil. and then does a S & T with Toronto for a 1st rounder. The same thing is done in the off-season the only difference being that it's not a S & T."

Remember, I asked how does one actually execute this massive "tank". Yes, it's safe to assume other teams would be interested in Demar, but which ones and in return for what? Was Detroit pulled out of the air (fantasy?), or is it a legit example? It's no example at all, as Detroit's 2014 1st rounder is owned by Charlotte (top 8 protected), so they can't offer it. In fact, because of that deal with Charlotte, they can't currently offer a 1st round pick of their own until 2018, unless Charlotte gets it before 2016. So, "reasonable point", or fantasy pie in the sky stuff with zero possibility?

"Amir has a lot of market value considering his play this season. Teams should be queue-ing up for him. Add Fields or Bargnani and take advantage of the demand for Amir and get an expiring contract or picks or cheaper contract/s in return."

I have no idea why someone would be suggesting unloading Amir (sooooo many reasons not to!), but this is nothing but some wishy-washy fantasy thinking that some imaginary team is going to take on Fields or Bargs, because they want Amir so much that they're willing to take on one of those contracts and give up some imaginary contract (s) and picks that would be of some value to the Raps. Any "reasonable" example, or just wishy-washy fantasy GMing with no regard for realities of trading in the real NBA?

"-Same goes for Lowry(expiring contract)."

Again, fantasy shuffling of players, with no example of anything real, that makes sense.

"If necessary Ross."

See all of the above.

"more ways are possible which is why a GM is a GM."

Well, nothing offered so far is anything other than imaginary player/pick shuffling with imaginary teams (except for the impossible suggestion with Detroit). I'd suggest that a GM's job is a little more complicated than that. Shoot, even fantasy basketball GMing isn't that simple, and you don't have to be concerned with how the players you've got left think about this BS going on, to say nothing of what owners and fans that buy season tickets think about it.
Good points.

And the bold is something I hadn't considered, I guess because tanking makes so much sense to me. But you're very right about that: there is literally no way that you could spin jettisoning so much talent to your fan base, even if it's the right thing to do. That kind of tanking is completely unprecedented.

Sigh. Really, the only conceivable way to tank next year is if Gay goes down early, and for a very long time.