I meant to post this awhile ago but had some trepidation i guess as I am not sure how it would get received here but it sums up a lot of the issues the raptors have faced.

Before I post the stats, I want to say first and foremost, i know they are just stats. Sometimes just gaudy numbers that can be misinterpreted incorrectly. I also am aware the Raptors as a team are aware of these stats and are trying to most likely to improve on them as it is easier said than done to overcome weaknesses.

Opponents Free Throw rate: 33.7 (3% higher than the next worse team)
League average: 27.1
Rank: 30th

Basically the Raptors give up one free throw attempt for every 3 field goal attempts. very poor stat but not shocking if you have watched the Raps this season (or the past 5), they were dead last in this category last year. I know cutting back on fouling the opposition in certain situations is difficult but it must be learned. Most fans may use this as fuel to fire the fact that the Raps get called on fouls unfavourably, but I don't think that is the case from games I have watched

% of field goal attempts at the rim: 27.7%
League Average: 31.0
Rank: 27th

Again, watching the raps this season, not surprising. But it is mind boggling, raptors have quite a few athletic players who are great above the rim yet settle for jumpers. Hopefully next year JV gets more touches so we get more high percentage shots. Raps actually have a formidable field goal % at the rim, 66.4%, good for top 10 in the league.

% of field goal attempts from 3-point range: 25.6%
League Average: 24.3
Rank: 10th

I only bring this stat up because the raptors are not a good 3-point team, and a quick stat lookup will display that they shoot 34% from downtown(same exact percentage as last year ironically), 26th best in the league(worse than the memphis grizzlies, built around post players). I know raptors players' confidence tells them they can shoot better than this, and maybe this season has been off for them so they ignore the stats, but it doesn't change the facts. Raps 3-point shooting this year has been god awful and possibly their shot selection too.

Anyways they are just stats, interpret them how you will. nonetheless they are intriguing. On a positive note the Raptors have cut down immensely on turnovers compared to last year, but that may be as a result of shooting more outside jumpers.