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    Default Tor-mil / tor-phi

    Offseason options 1
    Toronto trade DeRozan + Lowry
    Milwaukee trade Reddick + Ersan Ilyasova + Dalembart

    Offseason options 2
    Toronto trade Bargs
    Phily trade Spencer Hawes

    Let's pray we make to the lottery and grab Marcus Smart (future PG)
    FA Signing: AA, Calderon, Lucas III, Carl Landry


    Why Raps: We get a decent player in Ilyasova and two veterans in Reddick (sign and trade) and Dalembart. Personally, I like Ilyasova, he will solidify our bench or start along with Gay, however I see him as a better 6th man if he plays for the Raps. Reddick will be a sharpshooter for our team and will compete with a second year Ross for the starting SG position, I see Reddick start but Ross will climb up and be our future SG consider DeRozan s gone. Dalembart is a good backup C consider his age and would love to play for the Raptors consider his citizenship, I see him as great backup for a few years to come, if he doesn't pan well, we have Spencer Hawes who can play both PF and C position. Let's pray we make to the lottery and grab Marcus Smart, this kid is amazing and some speculate he plays like Jameer Nelson but I think he's more of a James Harden + Dion Waiters type of a combo guard. We can sign a few FAs in the summer like Calderon (if Pistons does not match his offer, we can give him a 3 years vet offer, really sad to see him go), we will be hard on targeting Carl Landry but personally I think with or without Landry is fine, if we do get him, he will be a decent backup behind Amir. Lucas and Anderson will be signed for the minimum. And there you go, our 2013-14 lineups.

    Why Bucks: The Bucks will want to keep Jennings happy so they get DeRozan, they can flip Ellis in the summer for a PF (like David West, D.Granger, or Z.Bo) then they are set. Lowry is a good PG in this league but he will most likely be a backup PG for a playoff tandem team. With Jennings and Lowry as PG, the Bucks future seem bright. They also have a young core of Henson and Sanders. The Team looks promising.

    Why Sixers: Getting Bargs could be a lateral move for the Sixers since they lack a true PF, Thad Young is more of a SF than a PF, Bargs will give the team an outside stretch 4 of a PF potential, he can knock down shots from the outside.

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