Hey Guys,
Those of you who are thinking we may land Andrew Wiggins in next year's draft (Crazy, I know ...):
Who says he'd want to play for the Raptors?? I mean who was the last Canadian athlete who wanted to play for a Canadian team (and forego money, weather, family and other factors in favor of playing for a Canadian team)??

- Did Steve Nash call BC to offer his services (even on the twilight of his career?)??
- Did Jamaal Magloire want to come to T.O. (even when he was a shadow of JM we got to see a few years back)?? He only showed up when the soup was being served ...
- Tristan, Carl , ....

Should I keep listing the names or do I have you thinking already that perhaps these athletes have plans of their own and if the Raptors happen to be in line with those plans, then MAYBE.
But for us Raptors fans who honestly deserve better (specially when marketed as 'Canada's team'!!), should we even bother thinking about Andrew Wiggins at this point??
I for one am fed up with being sold 'hope' ... until BC and company are here, mediocrity is sold to us at the price of luxury tax.

I say NO , we won't get Andrew Wiggins and we should not even go there ... what do you think?