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I saw more negative than positive for the most part when he was on the floor, but he also steps onto the floor being negative. Poor body language, poor composure. Demar was probably our best rookie at being consistent with the attitude, JV is right there too.

I'm one of those people who say "if you can prove me wrong, go ahead", but this is my current attitude towards Ross. Just haven't been a fan quite frankly. I will say though, he's had some great games (probably like 2) and is a fun player to watch in the open court.
He has a T Mac like attitude. So most of the time it looks like he's not trying, when actually he's probably giving more effort on defense than DeMar does 90% of the time. I like Ross and i think he has a very high ceiling. He's basically putting up the same numbers as DeMar in his rookie year and he's coming off the bench playing limited minutes. Some nights he doesn't even play. If he got consistent minutes like DD in his rookie year he'd be putting up much better numbers