**Assumption Toronto sends 2013 pick to OKC**

Amnesty Kleiza. Why? More wiggle room with possible trades and sign and trades as it gets them $4.6M away from the $74M threshold (which is likely to rise as well as cap and luxury tax level).

Fire Casey. Why? Serious regression on D. Brutal (is)O. Doesn't like young players.

Trade 1:
Derozan, 2014 2nd rd pick for Ridnour/Barea, Williiams, 1st rd pick (Smart or Burke).

Trade 2:
Bargnani for Boozer, 1st rd pick (Giannis Adetokunbo - Euro Stash)

Mini-MLE. Dorrell Wright. Good 3pt shooter, rebounder, and defender.

Veteran minimum. Re-sign Alan Anderson..... BUT only if Casey is not returning.


PG: Lowry, Ridnour/Barea, Burke/Smart
SG: Fields, Ross, Anderson
SF: Gay, Williams, Wright
PF: Boozer, Acy
C: JV, Johnson, Gray

I like the balance in this roster:

Positional - 3 pgs. 5 wings. 5 bigs. 1 tweener 3/4 in Williams.

Experience/youth - Lowry/Barea can handle guard allowing Burke/Smart to adjust to NBA if needed. If Burke/Smart much better than expected, Lowry is a trade chip.... Or put Lowry as backup moving forward.

Now/future - Balanced roster to compete now and in the future. Williams may put it together and become a full time PF when Boozer departs/traded or he might be a tweener off the bench allowing for matchup nightmares. Adetokunbo is under contract for 4 seasons in Spain with a cheap buyout to go to the NBA. Williams, Ross, JV, and Acy are young and only (hopefully) going to get better while able to contribute now. *Williams actually nearly 4 months younger than Ross*

Clean slate past 2015: New additions of Barea, Williams, and Boozer all off the books for 2015. Only players on a contract beyond 2014-2015 would be Ross, JV, Acy, and Burke/Smart.

This type of roster allows Raps to be competitive for 2 more seasons allowing current youth to transition to veterans on team in a competitive environment.

If something like the above happened, I'd be extremely happy.... so it is not likely to happen!