In the summer

Toronto trade Bargs, Derozan, Ross, Kleiza
Toronto receives David West, Tyler Hansborough, Alec Burks, Jamal Tinsley, Utah's 2nd round pick

Indiana trade David West, Tyler Hansborough, Danny Granger
Indiana receives Bargs, DeRozan, Paul Millsap, Kevin Murphy

Utah trade Alec Burks, Jamal Tinsley, Millsap, K.Murphy, Utah's 2nd round pick
Utah receives Ross, Kleiza, Danny Granger

Raps sign Dorrel Wright to a 2 year 8mil contract in the offseason to be our backup SF
Raps sign Samuel Dalembart to the vet minimum
Raps draft Isaiah Caanan in the 2nd round
Raps bringing in Tomislav Zubcic

Raps Lineups
Fields/Burks/Anderson (resigned)