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I voted yes, but the only time you fire Casey is if BC is let go. It makes no sense to have BC get another coach. BC is the problem. If he gets another coach, it will be another "yes" man and he'll only pick an unestablished coach in the league.

Also if BC hires another guy who's to say that the next GM (assuming there will be one) will want to keep that coach in place?

If BC is gone, then I'm all for a new coach. My preference is Larry Brown. He'd be a short term option but he'd be able to turn this franchise into a some what respectable one until they can get someone more permanent in.

I do realize he can be a bit of a douche, but he's had success - and lots of it. The team needs someone that knows how to win.
I hope both are gone.

Problem with Brown is he makes Casey look good when it comes to giving rookies a chance.