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Thread: Zach Randolph anyone?

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    Quote Papa Burgundy wrote: View Post
    I know everyone wants Bargnani gone, like yesterday ... and maybe he in fact gets shipped in the offseason, BUT talk about dealing low on an asset.

    Even the biggest Bargs haters would have to admit that he is better than the multi-injured, 12.7PPG season we just witnessed. Greater value would come from giving him a few months to put up numbers ... but as we saw, he doesn't do well in a reserve role - perhaps starting him just to add value is too steep a price for our organization.

    My dream sequence for a year or two has been a Demar and Bargs deal for KLove ... but at current values, that is just a pipe dream ... As in, smoking the pipe.
    Bargnani is so fascinating.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. This guy is a drug. Even when one doesn't want to use anymore, we just can't help but make an excuse for one more hit... this time not because we want to get high and not because we need it. Its just gonna make us feel better...just for a little while. This will be the last time!!

    There must be SOME WAY to extract something out of him? Right?

    I think it should be accepted that Bargnani is dead weight. This team wasted alot of time and resources on him. If they can get something, anything, for him great. But I don't think expecting any returns is realistic, and trying to drive up his value is just wasting additional resources and opportunities. Try to move him until the amnesty window opens, and if nothing is available, use it. Its the lowest risk option at this point... at the very least it opens up a few extra $s pre-tax which could be used to make a bigger move without going into the tax.

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    Quote blackjitsu wrote: View Post
    I doubt they can get Scola (at $4mill a year vs. Bargs value at $11mill.). If this is a how to trade Bargs thread and not a ZBo thread here's my suggestion:

    1. Look for long contracts that a team may need to shed to avoid future tax.
    2. Look for teams with full rosters who have cap space but need to move players
    3. Look for teams desperate for a wing that have cap flexibility.
    4. A team that wants immediate "talent" instead of a stashed away prospect, or draft pick.
    5. A GM who is desperate OR has enough job security to make a serious gamble.

    Memphis makes little sense because they made 2 trades this season to free up cap for financial reasons. Suns would probably move Channing Frye, but you'd probably have to take Beasley with him. BCo would probably throw in a 2nd rounder for no reason also. BTW Frye and Beasley expire at the same time as no financial relief AND you get a headcase like Beasley. No way either team wants Demar's contract.

    As stated earlier Lake show is clearing there cap too...Maybe if Charlotte, Minnesota, or even Cleveland get desperate there's a trade to be made. Simply by using common sense you can narrow the list down of where Bargs can go, which teams would want Fields or Demar added to the trade, and who wants talent over a draft pic in this year's draft.
    I've mentioned it on the forums several times before, and since we're on realistic Bargs trades, I'll mention it again.

    Bargs to Charlotte for Ben Gordon. Gordon's contract is a year less than Bargs, but more per year. Charlotte doesn't have great need for Gordon, just like we don't for Bargs. Gordon fits a need as a backup PG and scoring off the bench. Bargs fits a need for Charlotte as a replacement for Mullens who's contract is up and will probably command a decent pile of money. Bargs is better than Mullens, no matter what the haters here say, so its an upgrade for Charlotte and Bargs may thrive there being given the green light of offense and having Biyombo and MKG to clean up mistakes on D. It seems worth the risk for both teams just to shake things up. Maybe BC could actually get a second round pick sent out way this time.

    Sorry it's not Bargs and filler for Gasol or ZBo, but I'm being realistic here, and this is one of the only trades I could actually see happening.

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    Quote JawsGT wrote: View Post
    I love this guys game and would be pumped if there was a way to get him in a Raps uniform. If we could get him, would you want him on the Raptors?

    Hypothetical: Raps trade Bargs and Fields (or perhaps another piece) to the Lakers for Pau Gasol in the offseason. I like this trade for the Raps. We rid ourselves of Bargs uselessness and troublesome contract, as well as Landry's troublesome (arguable) contract. We get a large expiring contract in return, with little change in overall payroll. The Lakers get two decent pieces in return, they are both fairly young with some upside. Fields can be a good role player off the bench, and Bargs can be a spacing backup for Dwight if he resigns with LA. I'm not sure if LA would like this trade, but it seems that Gasol's future there is coming to an end. A Bargs/Howard frontline might be good for them too as Bargs could spot up behind the arc, drawing out his defender and giving Howard more room to work. He could certainly fill that role better than Gasol, and the Lakers might be one of the few teams that can actually get something out of Bargs.

    Next year, we start shopping Pau to Memphis for Randolph to see if they are interested. I know Memphis got shafted when they traded Pau to the Lakers, and they may very well be interested in pairing him with his brother. We can complete this trade (if all parties are happy) during the season, at the deadline, or in the 2014 offseason via sign and trade. We get a great PF who is re-united with Gay and Lowry and Memphis gets a great PF to pair with his brother Marc. I'm not sure if Memphis would see value in this, but to me it would seem that they really wouldn't be losing anything here. Of course, if Memphis isn't interested we still have a large expiring contract to move at next years deadline and cap room to play with in the offseason.

    So, thoughts on acquiring Randolph? Via this route or any other?
    Have you recently had an occasion to use any mind altering drug? Because no way Lakers will trade gasol for fields and ab. Never. I predict there is a greater than fifty percent chance that ab will not even be in the NBA in 2 years if not sooner. He cannot defend, nor rebound. Ab is a streaker score (that's being generous). He consistently fails to hustle. He may even be out of league next year.

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    yes lets do this. i was just thinking we need 2 guys who dont like each other playing together so we can have even less passing, more iso.

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    Quote Dino4life wrote: View Post
    THIS IS NOT NBA2K, its real life with real life issues.
    I don't think the Lakers do this deal in NBA2k ... Hahah

    Great post by the way. Welcome to the board Dino!

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