All the big names in the NBA are opting out of their contracts (ex. Haslem...) and I can't help but think that the make up of NBA rosters would change again.

In this year's finals the Spurs showed to us what a ball club with great teamwork and coach that stuck with their brand of basketball played like. The spurs did not really need that one "elite" talent but a group of good guys that know how to really play basketball and some slightly better than others (Leonard, Duncan, Ginobili).

So what does this mean for someone like Lebron James?

I think in the back of Lebron's head he thinks that maybe having better complimentary players around him is much better than having two other stars that take up the team's cap space. Maybe what Lebron is looking for this summer isn't necessarily another star he could play with but maybe a player that would be worth around $10 million/year (ex.Lowry) which still gives a team good flexibility to sign good young role players.

If Wade and Bosh sucked it up and take $10million/year then that would be great for the Heat as that will get them better role players but I think that is highly unlikely.

Because of this maybe we'll see the end of the "Build a Big 3" era and change back to the "Batman and Robin" era. Some teams that resemble the "Batman and Robin" would be the Thunder (Durant and Westbrook), Rockets (Harden and Howard), Trailblazers (Lillard, Aldridge).

Personally, I think that offense is much better run when its centred around two guys. I'd say Lillard and Aldridge would be a good example or Parker and Duncan. Lillard could run pick and roll with Aldridge. Lillard will have the ball in his hands that way. You could also put Aldridge down low in the post to do his own thing. Then they have 2 shooters (Batum, Matthews) and one utility guy (Lopez) that way their "guys" are getting the rock and the makeup of the team still allows for more ball movement where Lillard can kick out to the shooters or Aldridge can act as a decoy for an easy basket by Lopez. The Spurs had a similar line ups where there's always two people that the other team would know that the play is for.

With the Heat it was just very hard to incorporate an offense with 3 guys that needs the ball to be effective. Chris Bosh is a good example of this where he was nearly underused or used wrong.

I said in the beginning that the make up of NBA rosters may change again and that's because it all going to depend again in Lebron's decision. Like the summer of 2010, Lebron's decision will cause a domino effect and other free agents will act accordingly.

So what do you guys think? Is Lebron looking for a team that could give him his Robin and a full team? Will he be looking to build another big 3 or will he stay in Miami?

How would his decision affect the league?