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ENGLISH article, so the trolls here cannot say it says something different because Google translate said so (unbelievable trolling level some of you do here to even argue about what is said due to Google translate)......


If anyone else here implies any more that I am lying, trolling, or making things up here, I am sending abuse reports to mods. Then you can explain how me backing up everything with legit sources and links is "lying", and all this other untrue nonsense that I am being falsely accused of here.
Everybody was reminded to keep this thread about Adetokunbo's basketball skills/potential. This isn't the United Nations or a citizenship court - it doesn't matter one way or another what a player's background is - a basketball player is a basketball player, end of story. If you want to continue this non-basketball debate then please take it to a non-Raptors/non-basketball forum or do so via private messages with other members.