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and .500 sans-Bargnani.

But honestly, does this team now gives you the tingles? I ask myself the very same question about this team - are they trying to win ? And if they are what is it? The right to lose in the first round of the playoffs if everything goes their way? The above team, with reasonable use of the cap space that would have been created, could do the same to. Not because they are anything special, but because the east after the top few teams sucks.

Atleast with the other roster they had a lot more flexibility to make significant changes over this offseason, and/or during the season. Not only in terms of possibly adding peices, but completely changing direction if necessary.

Anyway more to the point, amnestying Bargnani in that scenario still makes sense.
Bargnani was amnestied so I didn't include him in roster. Still don't think they win more than .400 games even without him.

Does current make up of team give me tingles? No.

Swap Boozer for Bargnan, get a backup PG, and have Casey go back to defense first and I think you have a playoff team capable of a 5-6 seed for next 2 years and A LOT of flexibility heading in to 2015-16 with hopefully an all-star C.... hope is all we have after all.

PG: Lowry, mystery, JL3/Telfair
SG: DeRozan, Ross
SF: Gay, Fields
PF: Boozer, Amir, Acy
C: JV, Gray

Not lofty goals but better than what has been seen in Raptorland of late.