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This game was fun to watch.

Demar and Rudy played well.

Lowry played like a regular Kyle Lowry.

Amir proved he can be a starting power forward in the league.

Aaron Gray is actually a solid back-up centre.

Quincy Acy is the player of the game with his energy and blue collar mentality. Loved the blocked shots, standing up for teammates - pushing Nazr out of way to help Lowry up, getting right into Rip's face - and the underrated skill offensively.

I still hate Alan Anderson and John Lucas.

What happened to Landry Fields tonight?
Agree on almost everything ... IMO, Aaron Gray is a solid 3rd string utility center. He does a lot of things well but he's so clumsy finishing shots under. But yeah, I don't mind him as a 3rd stringer.

I hate John Lucas more than Alan Anderson. Anderson can actually create for others & at his position, I can understand why he would shoot more than others. Lucas, on the other hand, can't facilitate the offense if his life depended on it.

Quincy Acy is growing on me. I like him a lot.

DeMar couldn't break down Marco Bellinelli off the bounce and that concerns me a lot moving forward.