After yesterday's team, I see that both DeRozan and Gay are long term keepers. If DeRozan can improve his 3-point shooting and better ball handling skills, he will be one of the top 5 elite SG in this league behind Wade and JR Smith. Gay on the other hand is a natural talented scores who can easily score 20 pts on any given nights, with his leadership and veteran experience, I'm quite sure we can make a buzz kill in this league. What we lack now is a low post PF. Amir is a nice guy, a hardworking player but i think he has reached his ceiling. He's a journeyman of a player in this league, a good backup, a 6th man in this league but not the type of PF that can change the dynamics for this team so what we need is a PF to pair with Valanciunas. Thus I propose this trade.

1) Toronto send out Lowry, Bargnani, Ross, future 1st
Toronto receive Josh Smith, Devin Harris

Raps get a PF in Josh Smith who can easily become the franchise player for this team to go along with Gay and DeRozan. Josh Smith is an instant upgrade for Amir Johnson, this way we still have Amir comes off the bench for us. Devin Harris is a nice addition who could start for this league or we can somehow pry Calderon back from the Pistons.

2) Toronto send out Bargnani + Fields
Toronto receive Markieff Morris, Michael Beasly, Kendall Marshall

Raps get a young PF who's on the rise in Markieff Morris, I see him as a poor man's David West, with the right coach and right atmosphere like the Raptors, I see Markieff can turn into a 18ppts, 10rpg type of player. Beasly is horrible but a nice addition off the bench for Rudy Gay, he can still score the basket and knock down beyond the arc. Marshall is a decent backup PG.