I'm kind of glad that BC isn't about to sit back and wait after a third of the season has gone by to make changes if things don't improve soon. That being said, I don't want any haste decisions either. Sounds like a case of the "we're screwed if you do and screwed if we don't".

Prior to the impressive win against the Chicago Bulls, the Raptors’ GM was interviewed on the FAN 590. Eric Smith suggested that patience was in order and that Bryan needed “at least 25 games before he knew what he had with his roster”.

Not surprisingly, the impatient hoops executive quickly dismissed the idea and said “we’ll know what we've got by the end of the month”.

By the end of November, the new look Raptors will have played only 18 games – but Colangelo is convinced that he will know if he has a team that is poised to be a player in the Eastern Conference playoff race.

If he doesn't like what he sees by then, one can assume that changes will be made.
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