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We'll have to agree to disagree about his D. I think it's a joke and disagree that it was any better in clev or utah. Besides the Cavs days were a what 5 years ago? and in Utah he was hurt all the time (and sulking) and was not a good defender when he was healthy. Also, booz pouts and gives half assed effort so although he may be better than AB, his contract is a bitter, evil pill to swallow when you don't know which guy you'll be getting.

As for amnestying AB, the idea is that just getting rid of him is better than the alt which is being stuck with him. No one is going to give you anyone much better (cap wise or talent wise) and if it costs a draft pick to get rid of AB thats a big hit. As long as AB is on the team the coaches will have to use him and I'm done with that. Addition through subtraction.
Wow. Did Boozer do something to a female family member? For the record his former coaches certainly did not feel the same:

Of course, Boozer’s injury-plagued past is why his legacy in Utah is tarnished — at least in the minds of many Jazz fans.
During six seasons with the Jazz, Boozer earned two All-Star berths, played on the U.S. Olympic team and helped Utah reach the 2007 Western Conference finals.

But those injuries ...

In Utah, Boozer missed 138 of 492 regular-season games. He played as many as 74 games only three times. In the other three seasons, he played 51, 33 and 37 games.

Still, Tyrone Corbin remains a Boozer fan, just as Jerry Sloan was when he coached the Jazz.

"Great guy, great teammate, great guy to work with," Corbin said. "I spent a lot of time working with him. ... Just a great human being. We enjoyed the time we spent together."

Asked about Boozer’s critics in Utah, Corbin shook his head.

"I don’t know if the criticism was justified," he said. "But if you’re hurt, you’re hurt. What can you do? And I know he was hurt and always trying his hardest to get back. ...


Cap wise and salary wise, Boozer is a step up from Bargnani.