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So in summary:

Ross plays good individual defense, DeRozan not so much.
Ross is much more aggressive and better fighting through/over screens, DeRozan not so much.
Ross plays poor team defense, DeRozan is still not good but better.
Ross has had his minutes limited in his rookie season, DeRozan has had unlimited minutes for 4 years including the last 2 with Casey.

So in conclusion:

Ross must be retarded and he'll never learn team defensive concepts nor get better with experience despite the fact he is already a better individual defender.

Not too concerned on the offense as it is deviating away from the original issue of defense. However on offense if DeRozan had a three point shot and went hard on every drive, DeRozan would probably be an all-star.

The bold is something I've already said. In fact it was what started this exchange back in post #15.
I'm not sure if your being serious (your obvious man crush on Ross) or your just frustrated with the current situation.

Are you aware that Derozan ONLY played 4.6 minutes more than Ross in their rookie years?? How is that unlimited??

DD - 21.6 mpg
Ross - 17 mpg

Also, I would not say that Ross has shown that he is a good individual defender. I see the potential, but by no means can i say he's there already.

Ross looked LOST out there MANY times......You can't just pretend like that wasn't some of the reasons why he got his minutes cut. Let's see how Ross comes back next year before we get into the Ross is better than DD talk.


DD>>>>>>>Ross. Simple --- not much of a discussion. I'm hoping he can be better than Derozan over the next few years BUT Demar is pretty good RIGHT NOW. He is a definite starter in this league no matter what you try to imply. Ross right now is NOT a starter in this league......He has a lot of work to do.