I was not always sold on Amir's ability to be a high quality starter in the NBA, but he has proven me wrong.

Here are his number form this year as a starter. As of today he has started 37 games so we have a nice sample size.
35 minutes per game, 54% from the field 79% free throw shooter, 9.5 rebounds per game with 1.8 assists, 1.1 steals and 1.8 blocks, he caps it all off scoring over 12 points per game.

I think that putting Amir beside a improving Jonas will be a great starting unit, adding a solid versatile vet that can play with either one and the front court could be set. I know there is always talk about adding a guy like Milsap or Josh Smith, but I think with the amount of scoring we are going to get from the 2 and 3 spots, a PF that wants to put up bigger numbers may not be the best fit.

I am happy with the projected starters for next year, I think an upgrade at back-up PG is needed and a quality 3rd big and the team will really be ready to make some noise, it may not be pretty, but I think we are close!