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*whistles* Damn. Those are lofty projections. I like your style.

Hence why I put the word projected beside the 28 wins. We actually had 23 wins, but with a winning percentage of 35%, that puts us at 28 wins in an 82 game season. Theory stands.
Why stop there, i say we get the top seed!

Nah, realistically i see us being a 6th or 7th seed. Considering Valanciunas comes back bigger, him alone will net us like 5 extra wins.
If you compare us to Houston(7th in the west), we have more overall talent and potential and offensive firepower. I know some of you will go wtf but its true. Houston has Harden as their star and after that there is a big drop off in talent, Lin is solid, Asik is a very good defender but he's equivalent to Aaron Gray on offense(even thats being sorta generous), Parsons is basically what fields is for us and he comes off the bench, Then you have Tom Rob who's got loads of potential but thats just it.

Raptors have Rudy Gay (arguably on par with Harden talent wise), DeRozan as a 2nd tier pure scorer, Lowry (better than Lin hands down), Amir (probably better than any big Houston has at PF), Valanciunas (easily the best bigman between both teams talent and skill wise). The bench is where the problem lies: Fields, Ross, and whoever else is on the bench next year has got to produce. If we can get some solid vets at PG and PF/C we're poised for a long awaited playoff run.