A little note I posted on FB I thought I would share:

Remember the 4 Raptor games this season where the refs screwed us over in the final seconds? Well the Raptors finished 4 games shy of the playoffs this season. How ironic. And we can sit here and talk about how they should have won a bunch of other close games down the stretch, true, but nothing sucks as much as the NBA holding our fate in their hands, and ultimately crushing our hopes in their fists. Oh, no apology needed NBA, you're too busy assuring the Lakers make it.

An interesting side note is that the raps have actually had three seperate 5-game winning streaks this season (FOUR if you count the preseason too). I have no proof at my fingertips, but I'm pretty sure that's the first time in their history they accomplished that. Congrats!

Amir developed into a solid pro, Jonas is blossoming, and hopefully Demar, Rudy and Kyle can keep it together next year like they did at the end of this season. Maybe we even get a surprise trade for Primo Pasta and get something decent in return!

It's disappointing to be out of the playoffs for another year, especially when we invested in them as season ticket holders, but (as always lol) hopefully next year they get over the hump. Sad to see them go for a few months but at least this means one fantastic thing - SUMMER!

Hang in there Raptor fans.

As up and down as the season has been, and considering the start we endured, the record really isn't too bad, and we came SO close to the playoffs despite all the negatives. I even feel like if we hadn't given up around the 70 game mark, it woulda been interesting today regarding the 8th seed. As I said in the message, a lot of positives to take away from the season. It was an interesting one to say the least.

P.S. Haven't been around these parts too often lately so I don't know if all of this has been posted somewhere else. Lock/remove if you must... when I am around I see a lot of negativity so I thought a little bitter sweet post is what the doctor ordered