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Thread: Season's Over, Three 5-Game Winning Streaks, Four Games Back, Four Blown Calls

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    Quote Letter N wrote: View Post
    The average sports fans are probably the most predictable people on earth.

    I got 17 reasons for you to buy a season ticket p3t3ypablo
    reason #4 - 4 blown calls that cost us the playoffs.
    Buy now to have 41 chances to boo the evil refs who are part of the corrupt NBA conspiracy!
    I'm not your average brainless sports fan who eats up everything the front office says. I've played basketball my entire life at a high level, and thoroughly understand the game, probably more so than most people on these boards. I've just been a die-hard Raptors fan since the begninning because it's my hometown, and I often like to look at as many positives as I can to keep myself sane throughout losing seasons and the offseason. I see so much negativity around here (a lot of which I agree with but it just frustrates me to talk about it) so I figured a short post about some positives would be nice. As for the 4 blown calls, aside from taking a shot at the league/Stern, I just wanted to point out the irony that we finished 4 games out, and that it's pretty typical for the Raptors to encounter something like that, no? It's not something I would use as a promotion for a great team next season, not at all.

    Speaking of the average/typical sports fan, this is exactly why I rarely post on these forums; it's typical to only see positivity after nice wins, and negativity the rest of the time. Let's not forget making assumptions about other members or bashing people when they don't share your opinion 100%. Now THAT describe the average sports fan to me, don't you think, Letter N?

    So happy I got involved in NCAA ball this year. Although fans can be crazy in different ways, the atmosphere is almost always positive, passionate and full of excitement. Love it!

    Btw, ezz_bee, I agree with a lot of what you said about the mental toughness. That is obviously a big reason we've lost so many leads and close games. Clearly if we have been up in the 4th quarter in 18 games that we lost, we have some talent to be in that position in the first place. The longer the Raptors stay together and grow together as a team, the more mental toughness and confidence they will have to close out these games and to stop the overall streakiness throughout the season. That's why I believe making MORE drastic changes yet again would actually be detrimental to the team. They're pretty close... don't mess with a good thing because it takes time!
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