Atlanta Hawks - Larry Drew - he will stay put for the Hawks unless they trade Josh Smith and change GM but most likely he will stay

Boston Celtics - Doc Rivers - yeah he will stay with the Celtics for the nth season, probably will become the longest years of service for a coach to ever coach for one team

Brooklyn Nets - PJ Carlesimo - yeah he will renew his contract with the Nets, they made to the playoff and thanks to the once interim coach of the Raptors, Carlesimo will stay put

Charlotte Hornets - Stan Van Gundy - most likely they will fire its current coach in Dunlap and somehow get a big time coach, someone like Stan Van Gundy might work wonders, hope he gets a long with Michael Jordon

Chicago Bulls - Tom Thibodeau - hope he stays with the Bulls and there is 85% chance he will stay unless the GM decide to blow up the team chemistry by trading their star players

Cleveland Cavs - Phil Jackson - I suspect Byron Scott to be fired to make room for Phil Jackson. Jackson can turn Kyrie Irving to an elite player in this league and possibly Dion Waiters into a Kobe Bryant, now they need a good center, perhaps pry Andrew Bynum from the Sixers

Dallas Mavericks - Rick Aldeman - I somehow see the Timberwolves firing him and he will bounce back to land a coaching job with the Mavs

Denver Nuggets - George Karl - Yep, another year with the Amazing Nuggets

Detroit Pistons - Mike D'Antoni - I see the Pistons prying D'Antoni from the Lakers, Lawrence Frank is gone, book it

Golden State Warriors - Mark Jackson - For the first time since i don't know when, the Warriors are making to the playoff all thanks to the coaching for M.Jackson and his coaching abilities to turn S.Curry into a perennial allstar

Houston Rockets - Kevin McHale - Yep he will stay for sure, the Rockets landed Harden thanks to this guy

Indiana Pacers - Frank Vogel - Most likely he will stay with the Pacers

LA Clippers - Vinny Del Negro - Most likely he will stay with the Clippers

LA Lakers - Jeff Van Gundy - I see the Lakers will try to pry this guy in the offseason after the firing of Mike D'Antoni

Memphis Grizzlies - Lionel Hollins - Yeah this guy will stay put with the Grizzlies

Miami Heat - Erick Spoelstra - He will stay, book it

Milwaukee Bucks - Rick Carlisle - The Bucks will pick up this guy in the summer

New Orleans Hornets - Monty Williams - They might give this guy another chance with the Hornets

New York Knicks - Mike Woodson - Yeah this guy wil stay put with the Knicks

OKC Thunder - Scott Brooks - Yeah this guy will stay put with the Thunder

Orlando Magic - Avery Johnson - Yeah give this guy a job, he will turn the Magic around

Phily 76ers - Flip Saunders - Yeah give this man the job, he fits well with the 76ers

Phoenix Suns - Sam Mitchell - It's about time Mitchell gets another look as a head coach

Portland Blazers - Dwayne Casey - The Raptors fired him but gets picked up by the Blazers, the Blazers will improve its defense through Casey

Sacramento Kings - Doug Collins - Another dissapointed coach for a dissapointed team

San Antonio Spurs - Gregg Popovitch - Another year with the legend

Toronto Raptors - Byron Scott - I think the Raptors should get this guy, he wasn't that bad during his years with the Charlotte Hornets, perhaps he can put some inspiration and let Lowry play his game

Utah Jazz - Eddie Jordon - The returning of Eddie Jordon to coach for the Jazz

Washington Wizards - Sam Cassell - First ever head coach position for a young Wizards team