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Thread: Do you think Gay/DeRozan's new found 3pt prowess is sustainable?

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    Quote Raptorsnz wrote: View Post
    I think DeRozan is going to at least TRY and become a better 3 point shooter, and I think he'll succeed. Think about 2-3 seasons ago when he could barely knock down a shot outside of the paint, now he's one of the better (maybe one of the best) midrange SGs in the league.
    I agree he has improved but not totally true.

    less than 8ft: 60.1
    8-16ft: 45.3
    16-24ft: 35.6
    24ft+: 28.6

    less than 8ft: 56.1
    8-16ft: 39.5
    16-24ft: 41.4
    24ft+: 28.3


    He has improved the least efficient shot in the game.

    By the way, NBA stats site is awesome. Looking through stats I noticed in 16-24ft shot range, DD is 2nd in the league in attempts:

    1. Aldridge 506
    2. DD 449
    3. Kobe 378

    In makes he is also 2nd:

    1. Aldridge 212
    2. DD 186
    3. Bosh 174
    6. Kobe 152

    Interesting look at Kobe's breakdown on shooting percentages from distance:

    less than 8ft: 60.0
    8-16ft: 49.0
    16-24ft: 40.2
    24ft+: 32.4

    Biggest discrepancy when looking at attempts:

    Distance: DeMar/Kobe
    less than 8ft: 401/518
    8-16ft: 261/292
    16-24ft: 449/378
    24ft+: 120/401

    A grain of salt is needed because Kobe is a black hole but 16-24 feet is the area with 3rd most amount of shots where as it is DeRozan's 1st. If Kobe is who he is modelling his game after he needs to drive more and work on that 3point shot.

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    I like what Dwane Casey said about what DeMar needs to improve

    (1) Ball handling which leads to better pick and roll play

    (2) Continue working on the 3 point shot

    (3) Counter move when defenses close out on the shot assuming DeMar does become consistent with the shot -- which is a shot fake - drive

    (4) First step launching from a standstill position

    He pretty much said what I was thinking DeMar needs to improve on. I hope DeMar listens -- I'm sure he will. I'm excited to see what this translates to going into next year.

    If DeMar improves on those, hit shot distribution will resemble more of Kobe's. Right now, he's not shooting as much from within 8 feet because he's limited to cuts under the basket, straight line drive after shifting the defense & off post ups. He doesn't have the creativity to weave through the defense to get a shot in the paint ... yet ... or so I'm hoping.

    Also, if the Raptors continue on with more drive and kicks, I see DeMar shooting more from either 24 ft + or under the basket.
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