No Raptor play made the list. The only reason I would be upset about this, is because of 2 derozan plays which have a right (compared to the other plays) to make it in the top 10!


Not only is the Buzzer Beater the EXACT same situation as JR Smiths buzzer beater that went #4, but Derozan has 2 defenders on him and shoots from farther out (at least a step)!! How did JR get to number 4 and Derozan not even have his play in the top 10?

Jr Smiths play:


Now this one pisses me off. Derozans dunk I believe is 2nd on the Dunk ladder, ahead of 3 other plays found in the top 10! AND YET, those 3 plays appear on the top 10, and Derozan with the best unassisted poster of the year gets shafted.

I hate american media.. Thoughts?