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We're not talking of a trade rumour or an allegation of somebody doing something. When you directly accuse somebody of doing something you have to be able to back it up with proof. Anybody can make an accusation and refuse to prove it with excuses like 'can't reveal the source 'cause being a journalist I may get bullied'.

Simmons was simply creating a stir for attention. Nobody would or should believe otherwise until proved.
Are you ignoring Koreen and Arthur, then, or suggesting they made the story up, too? They've also stated that their articles about Colangelo wanting Casey fired back in December were 100% true, citing unnamed front office sources.

BTW, are you suggesting that journalists protecting their sources is a bad thing? There's a little thing called 'journalistic integrity' that guides most of them, and that includes not making up stories and attributing information to non-existent sources.

Again, I personally don't care one way or the other whether it's true. But it's certainly not as far-fetched as you seem to be making it.