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Thread: Bill Simmons: NBA Trade Value

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    I took a long time to decide on this one, but I figure I would do it. Trades based off of potential of a certain player are soso hard to determine whether you're winning the trade or not.

    I'm more of a guy that figures talent over potential would better serve the team. JV does have a lot of upside, and I'm really excited to see what he provides us in the future...

    I understand the arguments that no one knew if Harden would ever reach star status, buuuut at the same time, everyone knew Harden was a starting-calibre player in OKC, he just chose to anchor the second unit. Him alongside Rudy in the starting lineup would be spectacular.

    Addressing the starting lineup issues this would cause...we could go small for the time being and have:


    Amir played a lot of center during the when-Bargs-was-actually-healthy era, so I think he's perfectly capable of filling that hole for an extended period of time. This lineup has it all, from shooting to athleticism, and Lowry/Harden's combined playmaking ability would do wonders for the offense.

    Eventually going small would hurt us when playing teams that have fundamental bigs, especially PF's around the league that take Rudy down in the post. In this case, we could finally package DeMar and receive a capable starting center. (I say capable because people will say Gray will do just fine, which is completely not true). Possible returns could be Andrew Bogut, or Pekovic (my dream) for DeMar and a pick. Insert your own player as well. The lineup would then form into:


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