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Thread: Bill Simmons: NBA Trade Value

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    Quote white men can't jump wrote: View Post
    I also don't think Hibbert is a very good comparison. You also have to consider things like motor and development. I don't like the Parish comparison either. His numbers are deceptive because of how dominant Boston was, but he was not the guy you went to for a play in the post.

    Trying to think of a comparison for Jonas is hard. He's got a lot of qualities that make you think of different bigs. For me, one guy he reminds me of, and I think in many ways is a good comparison, is Alonzo Mourning, who frankly in his prime would be the 2nd best C today behind a healthy Howard. A big who plays with a lot of intensity. Provides lane intimidation both with strength and length. Rebounds the ball. Has a versatile offensive game where he can both backdown and face up. I think both their games have a good mix of strength, finesse and athleticisim, with JV having probably a bit more finesse and a bit less athleticisim, but also having more size. I see that comparison increasingly becoming JV's worst case in my eyes.
    I was thinking Alonzo too but i haven't seen enough of him to really make a comparison. Robert parish, i just kinda randomly threw out there

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    After watching a full season of Jonas, I would say he reminds me of Andrew Bynum in some ways -- good lane presence, keeps hands up, uses elbows well; but with more finesse & mobility that reminds me of Pau Gasol, especially with the lefty hooks. Similar to those two guys, Valanciunas sags off when guarding the pick & roll because of the lack of mobility -- so guards tend to go around him & he tries to make up with his length.

    He's a real post presence on the block which is very promising but defensively, he struggles against smaller guards & especially in pick and roll coverage. I mentioned Bynum first since Valanciunas is not as skilled as Gasol (yet...?) in terms of passing, finesse. But his ability to hit mid range jumpers & play more in the high post is the reason why I mentioned Gasol soon after.

    Either way, I think those are 2 good comparables & which is why I'm very high on Jonas after his first season -- at 20 years old. Once he bulks up, slow down his pace, develop more skills & react better on rotations, I have full confidence that he will be putting up all-star center numbers.

    I think he will be an all-star either on his 4th year or soon after his rookie deal expires PROVIDED the Raptors are in the playoff chase unless he regresses dramatically -- which I don't think will happen barring injuries.
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    Quote NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
    I was thinking Alonzo too but i haven't seen enough of him to really make a comparison. Robert parish, i just kinda randomly threw out there
    It's hard to find a good comparison among old guys...because when you go to look for highlights of old bigs, it's mostly blocks and dunks. Still, for intensity and variety of skills I think Mourning is a good comparison. Mourning was quicker and a bit shorter, with more range, but by his 5th or 6th year, he had settled into really just playing C, whereas he was a F/C before that. So it's not a perfect comparison by any means.

    Like I said, JV's bigger and a bit smoother than Mourning (close to the basket), so maybe throw in some Pau qualities, and JV also definitely knows how to use his size, much like Marc or Bynum.
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