PG - Kyle Lowry - instead of promoting for his marketing campaign on energy drinks, Lowry can definitely hit the gym with his buddy DeMar and Rudy to improve his shooting and defense. I expect Lowry to play a big role next season, i want to see him average at least 15ppg and dishing out 8apg next year.

SG - DeMar DeRozan - he will probably work hard in the summer on his 3 point shooting % and on top of that play in the drew league again i suspect. I expect him to become an elite SG, a possible Allstar candidate next year. 20+ppg

SF - Rudy Gay - Take a big vacation, travel the world and possibly play a few charity ball game in China or S.Korea. He needs to work on his timing and team play, get his team better. I expect him to make to the allstar game next year and become our cornerstone of a franchise to build upon. 20+ppg

PF - Amir Johnson - Take a big vacation, possibly travel with Gay and enjoy a good time. Improve on his free throw and 3 point shoot range. I expect him to be a possible Allstar candidate next year. 12ppg, 10+rpg

C - Jonas Valanciunas - Take a big vacation for a month and get prepared for the FIBA in the summer, he will play a major role for the Lithuanian team. Then, come back a few weeks before training camp and get ready to hit the gym and ready for next season. I expect him to be a possible Allstar candidate next year. 10+ppg, 10+rpg

SG - Terrence Ross - Take a vacation for a month, then needs to improve on every facet of his game and confidence level, probably train with DeMar or Rudy or spend time with other professional players around this league (Kobe, Lebron, Wade, JR Smith) and learn every aspect of the game. I expect him to play in the Rookie VS Sophomore game and retain his title for the dunk contest. 10+ppg

SF - Landry Fields - Take a big vacation and spend his time with his gf and play music all day long, spend his money on vacation, food, fun things. 8+ppg

PF - Quincy Acy - Probably will play in the drew league and improve on his post play and ball handling. 5+ppg, 8+rpg

C - Aaron Gray - Chill with his family, looks like a family guy