I brought this up on the Everything Valanciunas thread and was directed here, so here I am.

The Everything threads were explained to me as such:

"The idea behind the catch-all "Everything xxx" threads were to prevent new threads being created around the same time/topic, which inevitably boiled down to the same discussion/debate going on in multiple threads; unnecessary duplication."

I completely get it, as duplication sucks. No one wants to respond to a thread, only to find out there's already a thread about it, and the other one is where everyone has been posting.

My issue comes from the fact that an Everything thread that has been around since 2011 is no longer serving that purpose. When you go into a thread with 98 pages, you basically have no idea what's been discussed because there is no way you're going to catch up on 98 pages worth of posts before you post. If I were to read the whole Valanciunas thread, it would take hours. So I literally have no idea whether I'm duplicating posts from earlier in the thread or not. If the thread were a manageable 10ish pages, it'd be easy to read everything and join in on the discussion.

That's why I'm proposing that a new "Everything" thread gets created for each player every month/bimonthly, or maybe when the thread gets to 20 pages, something like that. The old thread could then be locked. That way the threads will always be relatively recent and relevant. The Jonas thread started in September 2011, and there is no way anyone now is going to be responding to any posts from back then, so why keep them in a basically front paged thread (its always near the top of the forums because its so active). I really enjoy posting on the forums here and would love to discuss Jonas but when I see a 98 page thread I literally just go "fuck that, way too many posts for me to catch up on."

It seems like the forums are getting busier and busier so the problem I just discussed will only be magnified. Having the Everything threads be refreshed periodically to keep them current and of a manageable size will make it a lot easier for the people new to the forums to join in too.

Basically, I don't see any negatives from trying something like this, other than a little more work for the mods (sorry guys). Thoughts?