With no post season to talk about and no draft to look forward to this season, the 2014 draft has suddenly become much more interesting. Like most Raptor fans, hope in the future is all I have.

Anyways, if Colangelo touches the 2014 draft pick, I'll lose my shit. It is looking to be one of the deeper drafts in recent years headlined by Canada's own Andrew Wiggins.

Something phenomenal and way out of the ordinary happened this week though. Marcus Smart, widely thought to be a top 5 pick (top 3 say some), decided to stay in school.

I am aware of how much money I am giving up. I am aware of that.

Marcus Smart
"I feel like making that decision and giving up that much money showed me the true colors of some people in my life and the people close to me," he said. "It showed the true colors of how they really think and how they really feel of me."

Source: Grantland.com

The article is worth the click. Very cool story and rare maturity displayed by Smart.

When looking at the 2013 draft, it helps take a little bit more of the sting away of not having a pick this season and seeing 2014 get that much stronger.