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Why do so many assume (in general, not necessarily just these forums) Rose coming back would be in the best interest of the Bulls? Obviously their team needs him to have a good shot at a championship....but they need him to be his old self. If he's not, it's just going to make it harder on everybody. Hard on the players who have to adjust their play. Hard on the coach who'll feel he has to work Rose back into rotations and posssibly into his starting spot. Hard on Rose, who'll have to get into game shape in the playoffs (!!). I mean, it takes guys 2-4 weeks to get back up to speed in the regular season, and that's a lower intensity level and less physical. No, once Rose didn't make it back by mid-late March, it made sense to assume he won't play again and not try and force him to. Especially since he missed a whole year, so you could probably double adjustment time for him (something like a month or two, minimum). At this point, I'm not sure there's any real situation where bringing him back in the playoffs is in the best interest of any parties involved. There's just too much risk and uncertainty.
Completely agree. Even if Rose does comes back during these playoffs, I wouldn't be suprised (and it may well be in the teams best interest) that he does as a reserve playing 10-15 minutes a game.

You can't really stop because they play such a major factor in that team, offensively and defensively.. They're number one options for Conley, they cover Conley when he gets blown by at the point of attack. I said skill-wise, regardless of his improvements (some major ones I will say that), Lowry is still a better individual player. It's still a team game, that's why I say Conley is a better player, a better fit for his current team more than Lowry.
These issues are always discussed, yet never very provable. A player is better because he has good teammates, but a player also tends to be better because he is the 'best player' on a bad team and sees alot of usage. Then they change teams or teammates and nothing happens, or everything changes and everyone says 'I told you so'.

I'll pose this question - If player X or Y makes other players better, then why did Conley improve across the board (incuding efficiency) with Rudy gone?

Mike Conley has been overlooked for years because he isn't sexy and is a rather boring PG. But the guy is one of if not the best defensive PGs in the league while being extremely consistent offensively.