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And for the Record, Heinz picked the Spurs to win it all ...
i did! and not when they made the finals! i picked them early on.

because, if there's one thing i've learned in this league.... despite all the talk of how many superstars you need, and how dominate X & Y players are... there's one thing you can always bet on.

The Spurs win.

They're a franchise built on one thing. How to win.

Not marketability. Not "dominance". Not "superstars". WINNING.

from top to bottom, everything about them is about winning. Last night the almighty Heat were DESTROYED by two players, had they been on any other team, would be d-league fodder within the next few years..

i'm not even a SA fan... never have been... but if there's one thing i've learned... it's always safer to bet on them than against them. i dont care what the odds are. you don't bet against a franchise that has been consistently winning for like 15-16 years straight.