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It's so hard to cheer for the Heat. The Spurs didn't play their best game and almost won....but basically LeBron beat the Spurs these last 2 games. I hate the way the Heat play. It is the worst team basketball I've ever seen a championship team play. They are so overdependent on LeBron, and the rest of their team is such brutal garbage, that it's so difficult to see this rag-tag group of mostly losers win rings.

I have nothing but respect for LeBron. It would be a complete travesty if such a great player didn't win some rings...but man I fucking hate the Heat. Ugly basketball. Worse personalities. A fake city, with fake fans...seriously, who fucking leaves early in any playoff game, let alone a potential championship game. If I were watching Toronto possibly losing a game 6, I'd still stay til the end to watch it happen, and wouldn't want to miss the trophy presentation even if it was for the other team.

Also, even though they played well after it, this series was basically lost when Parker hurt his leg. The Spurs need some perimeter help, because their PG is the only guy on the entire team who's a legit threat with the ball in his hands. Almost everyone else is effective only as a spot-up shooter. Neal gets way too trigger-happy for his handles to help. Manu is fading too much to be counted on nightly like his old self. Kawhi is still growing his game and isn't at that level yet.

they really do play ugly basketball. If it weren't for their scrappy defense, they wouldn't stand a chance.

Phil Jackson ‏@PhilJackson11 10h
Good game-good game. Congrats to the Heat they won it on a great effort by LJ in both games 6 and 7. Spurs gave a great team effort

seems like Phil is saying Lebron beat the spurs by himself, and that the Spurs actually played team ball