From Stephen Brotherston, the beginning:

As Toronto Raptors president and general manager Bryan Colangelo awaits a decision from Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment about picking up the option year on his contract, the local media has been generous with their advice on what his future should be.

Toronto missed the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year during a season when 38 wins was enough to grab eighth place in the Eastern Conference. During the past seven seasons under Colangelo’s guidance, the team has made the postseason only twice and averaged just 34 wins. On the surface at least, the calls for Colangelo’s head on a platter seem to be justified, however, one needs to look at his entire body of work in Toronto before jumping to conclusions.
...... and the end:

If Colangelo has proven anything over the past seven years, it is that he can make deals, even if many of the players acquired seem to get hurt soon after they arrive. Despite this, during the current rebuild, the talent level on the Raptors has improved and this team is poised to make a serious challenge at the postseason once again. Under the circumstances, the outright firing of Colangelo would make little sense. Colangelo has a strong board room and public relations presence and is an excellent choice to represent ownership with the NBA Board of Governors. If ownership believes Colangelo’s past moves entailed a level of risk that they are not comfortable with going forward, the better solution would be to give Stefanski a bigger say in future transactions. This team has enjoyed little continuity over its 18 year history; it’s time for some stability in both the executive and coaching ranks.