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If this article was suppose to be an endorsement, it failed. If anything it might have erased any single doubt remaining on what the Raptors should do.
I disagree. I don't think that this article was an endorsement, but it does suggest that there is little reason to fire him. Firing Colangelo now is reactionary and not looking to the future IMO. His ability to swing deals is better than anyone we have had in the past, that those transactions have failed to get us beyond the first round of the playoffs is not his fault. All of his moves have been highly touted at the time. Once the rebuild took place he has done exactly what he needed to do, including this year! He traded the draft pick, t get a high quality PG who helps this team now. Its not like we were going to use that pick on anyone who would approach Lowry's abilities. Like everyone said earlier this year, we HAD to miss the playoffs this year to get that 1st rnd pick out of here on an off-year draft. This is an ideal situation. We have talent, we will have picks again.

The team is in a good position moving forward and now I want a GM who can make a deal to improve this team. BC is that guy.

The last comment really resonates with me; this franchise NEEDS stability. It has to happen. I'm fine with this current group. Leave it alone MLSE.