Toronto out: Bargs, Ross, Lucas III
Toronto in: Austin Rivers, Lopez, Vasquez,

New Orleans out: Austin Rivers, Lopez, Vasquez
New Orleans in: Bargs, Ross, Lucas III

Raps Lineups

I think we have strengthened our backup options in Rivers, Lopez, and Vasquez. Rivers is an underachieving rookie but i see him to have a better career than T.Ross, a journeyman in the NBA, a possible JJ Reddick who can knock down the 3s, he will be a good backup behind DeRozan. Lopez unlike his brother is starting to gel with the Hornets but he will be a good backup and possibly a career backup for the young Valanciunas. Last but not least, Grevais Vazquez, I think he can compete with Lowry for the starting PG position, although my bet is on Lowry, Vazquez is our new Calderon.

The Hornets get a big in Andrea Bargnani who can backup Davis so they can flip R.Anderson for a starting C. T.Ross development makes E.Gordon expendable but not this year, give Ross another year as a backup and in his 3rd year, he will be the future SG of the Hornets' franchise. Lucas III is a decent backup PG consider the Hornets have Byran Roberts and possibly acquire a starter PG in the summer.