The staring lineup for the raptors should look something like this.
Yes Ihave bargs in the starting lineup because if we were to trade him now, his value is at an all time low... we could've and could get much better value for him.. this will also give us a chance to see if bargnani and jv can mesh together.. if bargs can put up around 18ppg and grab 6 boards than we might aswell keep him until the last year of his contract than trade him as an expiring contract..
As for torontos bench, we have some keepers but we need consistent players and proven vets to help the raps toughen up.. rather than telfair we can bring in a guy like gilbert arenas and he can play an andre miller type role for the raps..
For the start of next season if we can have a roster looking something like this..

Jv/free agent/gray ..
Give this squad a training camp together... kleiza and fields are two players that are not needed on this team unless they step up and be consistant..
If bargs rebuilds his value, maybe we can trade him for a david west type post player...??