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Thread: vets to mentor raps youth?

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    Default vets to mentor raps youth?

    The staring lineup for the raptors should look something like this.
    Yes Ihave bargs in the starting lineup because if we were to trade him now, his value is at an all time low... we could've and could get much better value for him.. this will also give us a chance to see if bargnani and jv can mesh together.. if bargs can put up around 18ppg and grab 6 boards than we might aswell keep him until the last year of his contract than trade him as an expiring contract..
    As for torontos bench, we have some keepers but we need consistent players and proven vets to help the raps toughen up.. rather than telfair we can bring in a guy like gilbert arenas and he can play an andre miller type role for the raps..
    For the start of next season if we can have a roster looking something like this..

    Jv/free agent/gray ..
    Give this squad a training camp together... kleiza and fields are two players that are not needed on this team unless they step up and be consistant..
    If bargs rebuilds his value, maybe we can trade him for a david west type post player...??

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    I wouldn't call Arenas a vet.

    Ignoring Bargs/ the 3rd big who would replace him, I would want these vets:

    PG: No suitable vets here in free agency. Hard to gauge trades.
    -One guy I would consider depending on money/role he's looking for is Mo Williams. He's been a starter his whole career, but he's definitely getting on in age, and was always a pretty average starting PG, but an excellent shooter who I think could kill in a bench role.
    -Other veteran options...Earl Watson...but I never liked him....Beno Udrih....but not a great PG, mostly a shooter, and not a great defender at all.
    -Nice youngish vets....Shaun Livingston (I like a guy with his kind of perspective..and size)...Boobie Gibson (see Udrih)....CJ Watson (but would he come here considering he can probably get better offers?)

    -I wouldn't mind any of these guys too much as a backup. I also think if we're looking for a 3rd PG, Prigioni might be an interesting option. This would likely mean losing Lucas, and our main backup being on the younger side.

    SG/SF free agent options:
    -Have trouble finding guys here. Marquis Daniels is a guy I'd like to have as a 5th or 6th wing......

    -But with 4 wing spots seeming set, the other guys I want (Dorrell Wright, Ronnie Brewer, Corey Brewer) are probably only likely to come if the Raps trade someone else away so a spot opens up.

    Big veterans, ignoring the 3rd big/Bargnani:
    -Elton Brand
    -Zaza Pachulia

    ...It's tough finding vets to be benchers

    In terms of having a quality mentor, I think the only way to do that is to open up a spot through trade. Obviously Bargnani is gone, which makes putting a solid vet at PF/C a very obvious choice, as the 3rd big with JV and Amir will have to play a lot of minutes, and a vet would be ideal there.

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    vet PG: Mo Will, Earl Watsons, Nate Robinson (if he can be had in the summer consider his playoff performance for the Bulls)
    vet SG: Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordon, Marquis Daniels
    vet SF: Jerry Stackhouse, Corey Brewer, Matt Barnes, Trevor Ariza
    vet PF: Zaza Pachulia, Elton Brand
    vet C: Boris Diaw, Nazr Mohammad

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    I highly doubt Bargs will rebuild his value as a Raptor. He seems completely disinterested. Plus, starting him in favor of Amir is a good way to make Amir disinterested. Furthermore, most of the team seems to lose a little motivation when Bargs gets on the floor. That's what I've noticed numerous times this season when Bargs was coming off the bench for a few games. Everyone knows he is a defensive liablility, and that they would all have to work that much harder to cover for his laziness or lack of interest. The only value he has on this team is negative...he has to go.

    Plus, I don't think Arenas is the type of guy you want mentoring the young guys.

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    Bargs is Bargs, every year, the same thing, he just want to play for stats, keeps, and possibly regain his pride as our franchise guy since we picked him 1st, i'm still optimistic that he will bounce back as a starting PF player in this league. We can't trade him in the summer, give him another year or at least till the feb deadline next season to reevaluate his value, who knows maybe next year he will turn things around and become a better all round player. Hey, if Bargs can knock down 15-17ppg and grab 4-5rpg, he can be our 6th man as a backup PF/SF/C, who knows, let's just keep the positive and make sure he stays until the deadline or get a coach who can turn Bargs into a prime P.Gasol or D.Nowitzki

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