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i wouldn't mind. its funny how AA is probably one of the most well-rounded players on the team and yet everyone hates him. of course he probably can't improve on anything anymore, but:

a) does anyone actually drive to the net better than he does on the team? or have a better jab step?
b) defense-wise, i think hes on par with fields
c) 3 pointers - sadly hes one of the most consistent ones on the team
d) getting to the charity stripe and actually making free throws. the dude is better at FT's than demar is. (DD at 83% and AA at 86%)
e) does he chuck any less than DD/gay already does?
a - yes ,b- absolutely ; c-sadly again yes ; d - he is hitting the free throws but he doesn't get fouled as often as Demar e - he chucks more or less.

I think AA is a very good player - if he were 5+ years younger we would all be "WOW.he is this and he is that" But he ain't. We must accept him for who he is. And that is a good player,defender,shooter and a TEAM guy. Does he have a bigger role on our team - yes but he shoulnd't. As reading the posts almost everyone agrees our coach didn't use him properly. I can agree but not enterely. Before Gay came - a lot of the offense actually moved through Anderson. That is also when Lowry had to play Hero ball - in some of those games there wasn't anyone else that could score.So Anderson did. Sometimes inneficiently but if that was his assignment from our coach and the organization I think he deserves a lot of credit. He did his job whether we like it or not. If his minutes and role are down this upcoming season I would love him to stay on the team. He brings some kind of leadership and insurance.