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There was a rumor on CNNSI's Fan Nation site that claims Minnesota may consider dealing Kevin Love (it came from RR's good buddy Bill Simmons): http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_r...ade-kevin-love

If this is true, I wonder if a package of DeRozan & Bargnani & 1st round pick(s) might be enough to get Minny talking? Ridnour would seem an obvious addition, then either Williams/Roy would likely need to be included as well (for salary matching).

If Williams were included...

C: Valanciunas, Gray
PF: Love, Johnson, Acy
SF: Gay, Williams
SG: Fields, Ross
PG: Lowry, Ridnour, Lucas

That would be a fantastic 9-man rotation (excluding Gray, Acy and Lucas), though I'd still like to see another veteran wing added. The primary 2nd unit could go small with Johnson, Williams, vet, Ross and Ridnour.
I wonder what the asking price would be for Love.

Don't think Toronto would have the best package to offer and I don't think Minnesota takes back Bargnani in ANY package. DeRozan/Amir/2 firsts?

I imagine any conversation starts with Kahn saying, "We want JV." I would keep saying, "NO!" Reason why is Love is able to opt out after 2014-2015.

Which brings up an interesting fact: how much are teams going to give up to get Love knowing he can opt out in 2 seasons and the Lakers - his hometown and dream to play for - are going to be flush with cap space and possibly Dwight Howard.

I don't agree with Simmons article on offering Deng, Butler, Mirotic, Charlotte pick. Bulls then left with Boozer, Love, and Gibson taking up $36M of salary cap. Amnesty is a possibility with Boozer though. That seems like a lot for Love who may bolt in 2 years.

Anyways, I am rambling. If Raps can get Love without parting with JV, sign me up.