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Obviously...after all, I have been saying for weeks that this kind of trade is the only thing this team should be trying to do (other than getting rid of Bargs). There is always risk. The other player I want the Raps to keep an eye on in the back of my mind is Rajon Rondo ....Does Boston look like a team ready for a quick rebuild? A couple of old stars, a decent player in Green, and then just a bunch of mostly average players. I don't think so, and think they could blow it up soon. But Rondo also has risk now, with his knee injury.

Really my only piont is that Love's injury history is worrisome, because he hasn't had a major issue but always seems to miss time. Is it bad luck or is he a glass man? Hopefully just bad luck.
I think JV and Love would be a huge improvement, but something to consider is that reflecting on the more dominant big men combo's of recent years:

Ben and Rasheed Wallace
Robinson & Duncan
Garnett and Perkins

Today's NBA:
Perkins and Ibaka
Hibbert and D.West
Gasol & Z-Bo

The thing I find these combo's have in common are that both the C and PF and really good defensvie players with maybe the exceptio of Z-Bo, but he's not slouch either. Love is okay and an upgrade from Bargs defensively, but no where near as good as Amir. While it would be an upgrade on offense, I personally don't think it's a match made in heaven to pair up JV and Love. Don't get me wrong if the offer was on the table I'd do it in a heart beat (depending on what it costs us) because it's an upgrade from what we have right now, but I could think of a few other players I'd like to see JV paired up with ahead of Love.