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Thread: Playoffs 2014 - Who's in, Who's out?

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    it goes one of two ways. burns out and we sit around 9-10 all year with no really chance
    everything finally clicks and we suprise everyone and it ends up

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    Quote slaw wrote: View Post
    Barring catastophic injuries, the top five: Heat, Knicks, Pacers, Nets and Bulls are locks. Atlanta is a curious case but the Hawks have a bunch of assets and a veteran GM who seems to have learned some lessons from past failures. Who knows with the Celts but, assuming KG is back and Rondo is healthy, I see them getting in.

    It's going to be tough for the Raps. Cleveland should be improved with Irving in his third year. Washington played pretty good ball once healthy and I think they could be a sleeper next year. Philly is a different team if Bynum is back. The only hope I see is JV making a big step in year 2 and showing he's going to be an elite centre. If that happens, I can see them squeaking in. Barring that, I don't see it. Derozan, Lowry and Gay have plateaued as players. I'd be shocked if their numbers moved much next year. Amir is about as good as can be expected. There isn't anything else worth mentioning. Without capspace or any quality trade chips (unless you're moving key guys) I just don't feel very confident with this roster heading into next year.
    Read the SI article. It should help give you a little confidence. I think our starting 5 is a playoff lock, we just need a bench to match them. No reason we should be under .500 next year and that is enough to be a playoff lock in the East.

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    Kind of.

    That Liston article has me softening a bit.... although I am fighting it.

    What happens if:

    a) Gay plays to the best of his abilities ie. he is an all star,
    b) what happens if DD and Gay feed off one another as they did down the stretch,
    c) what happens if JV is half as good as the expectations placed upon him,
    d) what happens if Lowry plays the way we all thought,
    e) what happens if Casey returns to defensive form,
    f) what happens if Fields can shoot again,
    g) what happens if he can get anything of value for Bargnani?

    Lots of ifs but (and another one coming) if the Raptors make the playoffs - and if all the above happened -and they went to the 2nd round *gasp* or farther *gasp*gasp* do you still crucify him for the previous 7 years or does he get credit for finally putting the pieces of a winner together?

    Don't kill the messenger! Just asking to get other perspectives.
    ^^ +1 million I don't usually agree with ppl on this forum, but that's bang on. BY NO means am I Colangelo hater or supporter. I simply want to see the Raptors get better. Realistically Colangelo has probably fulfilled every need that upper brass has ever thrown at him. Can't pan out if the moves didn't work out. AT LEAST he can get deals done, unlike most of our other GMs. He was able to bring JO in when we felt we were right on the cusp of being dangerous.. not his fault dudes knee was bad, and Roy Hibbert turned out better than expected ( still heavily overpaid tho). When he got Turk, the media was clamouring about how the Raptors pulled a coup on Portland to get him..hah. Again not really his fault though hedo was the most coveted free agent that year and guess what Colangelo got him. How many picks at 5, 9, 13 project to be as productive as DD, Davis, JV ? Did Kyle Lowry not go off in Houston and merit looks from tons of teams, but reportedly WANTED to come to Toronto if he was gonna be the guy. And Rudy Gay.. will probably be an All-Star regardless we still needed a star SF ..we all begged for it, all said its what we wanted ..he did it.

    Realistically most of this dudes moves were praised at the time, or most likely what ownership and definitely the fans wanted.

    I'll save the hate for if he messes up anymore this offseason like with the Landry Fields deal ( can't forgive that one.. clever move, but come ooooon if that costs us the ability to get a player like Korver I'll still be pissed about it lol)

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