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You see examples of it all the time, whether it's in little league or professional sports. Player A has more talent, but less desire. Player B has less talent and more desire. Both players have the same coach, receiving the same motivation. Quite often Player B will wind up being the 'better' player, because relentless determination can make his lesser talent more impactful and provides him with more beneficial intangibles. All major sports have seen very talented players wash-out of the league because they didn't have the desire to be the best.

When you talk of 'toughness' and the coach's ability to influence it, I personally think that's actually 'effort'. A coach can motivate a player to put in more effort in short bursts, for a time, but I don't believe a coach can change a player's underlying attitude/passion/commitment/dedication/desire.
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No argument at all. Success does not depend on the amount of talent but the amount of hard work and determination. Totally agreed.

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I see it slightly differently. 'Toughness' is the result of 'effort'. I believe a Coach can successfully implement a CULTURE of 'Toughness' wherein seemingly ordinary players can raise the level of their game by a change in attitude, commitment, dedication and desire.