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Thread: Money Ballin' It - The Spurs should be the blueprint to sustained success?

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    Quote p00ka wrote: View Post
    There's no question that the Spurs are a very well coached team, and have done very well with a great coach, and one of the best of all time in Duncan, but some people need rid themselves of this myth that the organization are geniuses in judging talent and drafting.

    1. Ginobli: If anyone believes the Spurs actually had a clue what Ginobli would turn into, why would they have waited
    until the 57th pick to grab him, instead of wasting the 29 pick on a mentally ill Leon Smith who never saw the floor for them? Great scouting on a pick that spent as much time in mental institutions as in the NBA, hey.

    2. Since Ginobli was drafted in 1999, other than getting Parker (2001) at 28, the best picks they've made (Scola, Barbosa, Dragic), they traded away for what turned out to be scrap, before they even saw the floor for them. Otherwise their "great scouting and drafting" have netted them:
    2000, #41 Chris Carrawell
    2000, #54 Corey Hightower
    2001, #55 Robertas Javtokas
    2001, #57 Bryan Bracey
    2002, #26 John Salmons (Spurs type player?)
    2002, #55 Luis Scola (traded for scrap before seeing the floor for them)
    2002, #56 Randy Holcomb
    2003, #28 Leandro Barbosa (traded for scrap before seeing the floor for them)
    2004, #28 Beno Udrih
    2004, #52 Romain Sato
    2004, #57 Sergei Karaulov
    2005, #28 Ian Mahinmi
    2006, #59 Damir Markota
    2007, #28 Tiago Splitter
    2007, #33 Marcus Williams
    2007, #58 Giorgos Printezis
    2008, #26 George Hill
    2008, #45 Goran Dragic (traded for scrap before seeing the floor for them)
    2008, #57 James Gist
    2009, #37 DuJuan Blair
    2009, #51 Jack McClinton
    2009, #53 Nando De Colo
    2010, #20 James Anderson
    2010, #49 Ryan Richards
    2011, #29 Cory Joseph
    2011, #59 Adam Hanga
    2012, #59 Marcus Denmon

    So, any great genius draft picks in the last 11 years? The idea that keeps getting spewed, that they always seem to make good picks late in the draft, is totally a myth, yet people keep spewing it over and over. The draft is as much a crap shoot for them as anyone else.
    I was going to post something similar, but you beat me to it (thankfully). Their drafting record is not that good. Although it was nice seeing Cory Joseph on the floor the last couple of games. They didn't draft Kawhi Leonard, but it was a draft day deal and still a good move.

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    Quote CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
    One common element is that they're both true superstars. The model is doomed to fail when you try to build around players who aren't true superstars - ie: Bosh, Bargnani, DeRozan, Gay...
    You don't need true superstars to draft better players. Or maybe Spurs are just uncommonly lucky in their drafting? Good teams maximize their draft picks, and then have them as assets to play on low cost rookie contracts, trade for needed pieces or resign. You don't need true superstars to define a team identity, use effective offensive and defensive strategies and stick with them until everyone on the team knows them well enough to play in them with whoever else is on the floor.

    Without the superstar, you may never win the championship, but boy, 5 or 6 years in a row of getting to the second round is looking very desirable right now. And continually getting to the second round will eventually attract that superstar when everything aligns correctly.

    You cannot win if you throw everything over every two years.

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    Exactly. Some people seem to be afraid to become mediocre. I say, damn, that would be nice (for about 5 years).

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    To your comments about the Spurs drafting, I think BC tapped into RC Buford selecting Q Acy over Q Miller this past draft. At the time I was scratching my head, but Ace is legit.

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    Quote TheR3dMenace wrote: View Post
    Now if we can only draft one of the greatest basketball players of all time...
    Jonas Valanciunas, duh.
    Twitter: @ReubenJRD NBA, Raptors writer for Daily Hive Vancouver, Toronto.

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    Quote TheR3dMenace wrote: View Post
    Now if we can only draft one of the greatest basketball players of all time...
    We already tried that with Bargnani. Need to look for a different strategy.
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