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Thread: What team's offensive package would most suit the Raptors?

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    Quote blackjitsu wrote: View Post
    Initially I was thinking a system similar to the Billups Pistons. What Coach Karl has done in Denver would be interesting to look at too.
    To me that is the best choice.

    What do the Raptors have for pieces?

    PG - drive and kick, slasher, decent 3pt shooter
    SG - slasher, finisher at rim, good midrange game
    SF - slasher, finisher at rim, decent 3pt shooter
    PF - high post jump shot, hustle down low, screen and roll guy
    C - low post developing, hustle guy, screen and roll guy

    What kind of offence best fits?

    Lots of ball & player movement, lots of screens

    '04 Pistons?

    Billups - Lowry - Billups is a better shooter but Lowry is a better driver
    Rip - Demar - both are great in the mid-range game, neither are great 3pt shooters (but Rip was better)
    Prince - Gay - both are athletic slashers who can hit the outside shot
    Sheed - Amir - both can hit the midrange jumper, while Sheed can step out further
    Ben - JV - Wallace did nothing on offence except hustle for rebounds, so less pressure for JV but can throw in some sets for him

    Our personnel fit. Demar is fantastic at hitting the midrange shot, so sending him around multiple screens from Amir, JV and Gay would get him very makable shots for him. Gay is much better than Prince offensively, but they have quite a few similarities. Amir has the 18 foot jump shot down and can be the stretch high post scorer like Sheed. JV is still developing, so why not give him an offence where he doesn't have to carry the load. Ben Wallace basically set screens, got out of the way, then crashed the glass. JV can do all that and more. It will give the team a chance to bring him along at whatever pace fits. Lowry and Billups have enough similarities for it to work.

    Sending Lowry, Demar and Gay around multiple screens, with multiple hand-offs will get someone open and will look a lot nicer than the ISO heavy crap we saw down the stretch.
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    Quote Axel wrote: View Post
    I don't see how this team can emulate Indy. They have 2 low post scorers while we might have 1, if JV can develop more. David West's post up game is something the Raps can't come close to emulating. Our rosters are just too different for that to really work.

    Same with San Antonio. We don't have the post scoring or the outside shooting, which is basically most of what the Spurs do on offence (with Parker/Manu driving to kick out to the 3).
    Yeah, roster-wise the teams I see fitting the most, at least for starting 5s, are Brooklyn, and maybe Portland.

    Brooklyn is a good example. With Williams/Johnson/Wallace/Lopez, they match up nicely to Lowry/DeMar/Gay/JV. It's not a perfect comparison, but it does show the offense can and likely will be generated from the same positions, and using similar tools. It would make sense a bit with what I want. Carlesimo, after all, has been on both Adelman's and Pop's coaching staffs in his career. So he knows the Princeton offense, and how to generate offense from your PG spot (SA has run an offense heavy on p'n'r since at least the Avery Johnson days).

    **I also don't think the Pistons are a great example. They had balanced offense, but other than the Billups/Lowry comparison, and Rip/Demar (where only the midrange game is similar), the players are pretty damn different in skillset/talent level. I definitely think with the ball in Lowry's hands, it can resemble that Pistons offense at times, but it's not a system they can run all the time. But like I said, I don't think there's any model that is a 100% good fit with the Raptors.
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    Quote isaacthompson wrote: View Post
    Denver and their constant fastbreaking. We definitely have a team capable of doing that. We'd run teams out of the building, especially in the Eastern conference.
    not quite sure the East has better defensive teams than the West. I would like to see more fastbreaks for easy buckets though the team is crazy talented, but I'd want the raptors to emulate Indiana, not to say mimicking Denver is a bad idea though.

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    I'd take Miami's offensive package, if that package includes Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. I'll take Allen and Bosh while we're at it. And Battier too of course. They can keep Chalmers. Oh, I'll also take Spoelstra and Riley. Is the arena and climate also included in the package? I had to clear my car of ice this morning.. it's April 25th.

    I'll take the cheerleaders as part of the package, if they are available.

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