Itís been pretty quiet around here on the trade chatter front, which isnít usual for all-star weekend, and things might heat up this afternoon when weíve got nothing to do but hang around waiting for the game to start.

I havenít heard a single reputable mention of the Raptors this weekend, as a matter of fact, despite the presence of Bryan and his henchmen and a handful of other execs.

Weíre only four days until the deadline and thatís usually when things really start bubbling but I honestly think the Raptors wonít do anything of substance.

Of course, Iíve been wrong before but if Iím not, this is going to be a boring week.

With the chemistry the Dinos have and the way they have been playing of late, unless they can get a significant upgrade at the 2 or 3, maybe it's better if the Dinos stand pat with the group of guys they have.