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If the Raptors can't get Phil(i don't think they can). I'd bring Colangelo back. I mean, he built this team. And i do believe he has a plan, so why not let him finish it??
Because at the trade deadline he will Trade Bargnani for an over the hill veteran or an overrated youngster and than say they didn't have a training camp togheter and that the talent level on the team is ready to take the next step with a full training camp, depending how the season goes, he might also send half of the blame on casey who he will fire half way thru and say his new coach needs a full training camp.
You see we can say this every year and BC does make excuses every year. What's so special in the coming year he couldn't do in 7 ? if anything he should be fired for waiting for his contract year to increase the talent level of the team like he likes to say.

Every year the talent level of the team rises but raptors still underachieve...........BC needs to go.

I hate him, i m not gonna lie, but i was all for him staying a year so the new GM doesnt blow up the team just yet, but when PHIL M!""/$&?%$ing Jackson is in the running for your job, boy you get desperate, and desperate people do desperate things.