Grange: Colangelo fights for his future (edit: an apt description)

Make no mistake: the only person with their finger on the trap door beneath Bryan Colangelo’s chair is the guy who’s not even officially his boss yet.

Tim Leiweke was cautiously cryptic on the subject of the Toronto Raptors executive’s future after it was announced he would be starting as the president and chief executive officer of MLSE on June 30.
It gets more interesting....

Tellingly, multiple sources close to MLSE paint a picture of Colangelo as having embraced the presence of Leiweke rather than cowering at the possibility that a new executive with a very public mandate to win championships would be looking to make his first splash by showing him the door, or opening the trap door, if you will.
And this...

Colangelo hasn’t been passive about the process. He wants to stay in Toronto and he wants prove his view that the Raptors are well positioned to be a playoff team in a rapidly shifting Eastern Conference sooner rather than later.

Rather than wait for the axe to swing, a determined Colangelo flew to meet Leiweke at an undisclosed location late last week and met with him again over the weekend in Toronto, according to sources.
If Colangelo survives another year, well, you have to hand it to the guy. He can't win basketball games but he can stay employed. Kudos to him for that.