Title says it all.

Why would the Bobcats do it? Well, they need talent. And if Bargnani got something, it is talent. Also, it appears that relations between Ben Gordon and the Bobcats organisation are not going really well. I also guess that Gordon would welcome a new start. Same for Andrea.

Why would the Raptors do it? Well, it is pretty obvious that the Raptors need to get rid of Andrea Bargnani. By doing this trade, they will save around 10M$ when the summer of 2014 comes. Also, they get Ben Gordon, a combo guard who's proved in the past that he's really, really clutch. He's a scorer, and he's a good veteran NBA player. He'd be great coming of the bench. He can play some minutes at the point, also.

I know some of you will say that Anderson gives us about the same type of game for a lot less money and that it would only cut on Ross' minutes. Well, I don't agree with you. Here's why. We want to be a playoff team. Gordon is an NBA player. A true one. Ross will play more next year than this past one that's for sure. But he probably still won't be ready to play huge minutes.

I'd still like to see Anderson back as the third small forward.


Kleiza get amnestied. Would you do that trade? Do you like this roster?